Organic Sleeping Baby Play

A few days ago we already told you in another post what the different organic sounds that make up Sleeping Baby Play consisted of and their efficacy against other reproducers.

Today we want to go deeper into each sound and melody that make up the SBP , to explain in more depth the characteristics, the composition, and for which moment each sound is more suitable.

White Noise

This is the name of one of the most famous and effective organic sounds that gave life and start to this project Sleeping Baby Play, el “White Noise”.

“White Noise” is a type of sound that contains all the frequencies that humans can hear at the same volume. It is constant and monotonous in time.

This sound helps to relax and calm many people of any age, but especially babies , helping them to sleep, allowing isolate and mask other completely unnecessary noises that distracts them to fall asleep.

“White Noise” by Sleeping Baby Play, is created under a new structure and design very different from those offered by other applications for babies or videos on the internet.

Some of the frequencies are altered in power and definition to achieve during its musical structure, that its effectiveness is as high as possible when it comes to achieving relaxation.

These are subtle but audible changes.

The resonance box itself and the SBP mold, allows us to generate frequencies in lower sounds that otherwise are not possible in mobile phones and the like.

Undoubtedly “White Noise”, is one of the most used and effective compositions to calm the baby…


Pano Bubbles

Pano Bubbles Sleeping Baby Play

Pano Bubbles is another of the organic sounds that make up SBP.

It is a very effective help in drawing the baby’s attention and diverting it to something else , to stop them crying, or to prevent a tantrum from reaching more.

Babies become overexcited by hearing their own crying . And this composition helps to divert their attention almost immediately, stopping crying and relaxing…

Mother Dad

This other organic sound of Sleeping Baby Play is a sound emulation of how the baby listens to sounds from the outside, from the inside of the womb .

He hears fathers speaking in different afinations and frequencies , since he is immersed in fluid, inside the mother’s womb…

A pure and unique moment of relaxation for the baby .


This composition of Sleeping Baby Play is based on one of the most relaxing sounds for the human ear.

Tested on all types of people and especially on babies.

It helps to divert the baby’s attention from distractions and to concentrate on the sound, relaxing and calming it.

In Uterus

This organic sound is a virtual recreation of the sounds that a baby hears and perceives inside the womb of the mother’s womb.

The heart, blood circulation, respiration, internal fluids are appreciated , etc…

It has been their usual music for nine months inside their mother’s womb, so it relaxes and comforts them so much.

Many mothers use this sound so that their baby relaxes and calms down and begins to fall asleep, until he finally falls asleep…

Another moment of pure calm and relaxation for the baby, and for the parents…


The “Nana” that makes up Sleeping Baby Play is probably the most special for us.

It is a musical creation designed for the relaxation of both the baby and his parents . A lullaby composed with frequencies and sounds that bring calm and serenity.
In 2013 this “Nana” is created and composed by a lullaby born from the guitar and creativity of José Luis Arrazola, one of the musicians who make up the Sleeping Baby Play project.

At first, it was designed for the sessions of music therapy that Juan Alarma and JL Arrazola carry out together in diverse scopes.

Due to the calm and tranquility that they brought to the people of different ages who listened to it, it was decided to improve it with new sounds oriented to babies , which are sounding in different passages and structures of the song.

During years, the tests in the environment of a newborn’s family, showed us the facility to relax and calm that had our composition . Due to its tested effectiveness, it was decided to include it as one of the six melodies contained in Sleeping Baby Play.

Provides calm and relaxation to the whole family. Establishing sleep and rest routines when the baby, for example, takes a daily bath, eats dinner and prepares to sleep….


Happy rest!