The jury highlighted the degree of development of the proposal, with a business model already created and ready to go to market. On the other hand, the involvement of its creators; Juan Alarma is a music therapist and it has been he himself who has devised the device and created the original melodies.

The award is accompanied, as a prize, by a free stay at the Zaragoza Activa Business Incubator for six months, which is an impulse given that the initiative has a workplace. This year, the Semillero Day has had the participation of 14 projects, all of them entrepreneurs who have been part of the 6th edition of the Semillero de Ideas.

Este año, el Semillero Day ha contado con la participación de 14 proyectos, todos emprendedores que han formado parte de la sexta edición del Semillero de Ideas.

FUENTE: Heraldo de Aragón

Semillero de Ideas 2016