White noise for babies

Sounds portable player for soothing and relaxing babies

What is Sleeping Baby Play?

Sleeping Baby Play is a device that emits white noise for babies. It has a total of six melodies and organic sounds to help calm, sleep and relax the baby.

This type of variable sounds, in which different tones, frequencies, and rhythms are appreciated, among other musical structures, are perfect for the baby to enter a state of tranquility and relaxation in moments of crying or at bedtime. Of course, it does not replace the calm that it gives a baby to be in contact with his parents, but white noise is the key in many situations to help it feel calmer and stop crying.

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Relaxing music for babies

This new device plays relaxing music for babies, which helps calm them with organic sounds that emulate what they heard when they were in their mother’s womb, such as the beating of the heart, the sound of blood flowing, or the breathing. And besides that some sounds present at home such as noise from operating appliances, noise from the street and cars, the conversations, etc.

What is it

Sleeping Baby Play is a white noise and melody player designed by music therapists, music producers, and professional musicians.

We guarantee that our music player has been developed with maximum care and subjected to demanding quality controls, before being part of the life of a baby; It is the only one tested and used in hospitals.

What is it for

It serves as an aid to calm the crying of a baby, to help fall asleep and to relax it in many situations; such as during car journeys and trips, or during diaper changes or bath time

Designed melodies

It contains melodies designed by experts, which remember the sound perceived in the womb, and musical tones that contribute to enter a state of relaxation

white noise

White Noise

White noise is the base at different frequencies and modulations. It masks other ambient sounds that disturb the baby. The melody that started the project arose from a real need. Composed and tested continuously since 2008.
(Remastered version).

pano bubbles

Pano Bubbles

Babies are overexcited when they hear their own crying, and this composition helps divert attention almost immediately. Thanks to what is achieved they stop crying and relax.

mama papa

Mom and Dad

Sound emulation of how the baby hears outside sounds from inside the womb. It hears parents speak in different tunings and frequencies as it is immersed in the fluid.



To design this musical structure we have based on one of the most relaxing and calming sounds for the human ear. We have conducted several studies and it has been tested on all types of people, especially in babies.

in utero

Inside the uterus

This composition is a virtual recreation of the sounds that a baby hears and perceives inside the mother’s womb. The heart, blood circulation, breathing, fluids, etc. are its usual “music”, so they relax and comfort him/her.



Nana is a musical creation specially designed to achieve relaxation for both the baby and its parents. It is a lullaby composed of frequencies and sounds that provide calm and serenity, a great help in countless situations.

Possible uses

Our organic and musical sound player is portable, so it offers the added value of using it on many occasions.

It is ideal to add it to the baby’s travel bag to relax it during car journeys and trips.

It is really advantageous at different times of the day and night, when it is necessary to calm the baby’s crying, to help them to relax and sleep, or to entertain them during bath time, and to facilitate the moment of changing diaper, to cut the baby’s nails, or when they have colic to relax and massage them.

On the walks, it can be hung in the pram so that the baby falls asleep and stays in a state of relaxation and tranquility.

Moreover, during breastfeeding, it is effective to hide environmental noises that can distract the baby at feeding time.

Why buy Sleeping Baby Play?

Tested in hospitals

It is the only reproducer of organic sounds of the market tested in Hospitals and pediatric environment . Today, they work with him in hospital neonatal units and clinics .

Professional Speaker

Is the only player that contains a professional loudspeaker ; thanks to its resonance box and quality is able to emit all the necessary ranges of sounds that the babies hear.

6 Melodies

Play 6 melodies containing white noise and musical structures. They have been developed and recorded in professional studio by music therapists and sound producers specialized in baby sleep.

No Radio Signals

The only one that does NOT incorporate wifi/bluetooth, NI produces harmful emissions, and does NOT generate heat like mobile phones or other devices with similar characteristics.

No Electrical Connections

Does not contain any type of electrical connection, cable or load orifice.

Limited Volume

Limited volume for safety to a maximum of 75 Db, despite the fact that the baby inside the mother’s womb may hear much more.