A music therapist and his partner have developed Sleeping Baby Play, the winning project of the Seedbed of Ideas 2016.

“Now, the world cries less…”, the slogan of Sleeping Baby Play, a project created by the music therapist Juan Alarma together with his partner Jonathan Gutiérrez to help babies relax.

The initiative, winner of the Semillero de Ideas 2016, present their final product next January 26 (in Zaragoza Activa, from 18.00) and will go on sale towards the end of February or the beginning of March of this year. The Sleeping Baby Play is a portable music player and compact that emits melodies and sounds designed to remind the baby his stay in the womb of the womb and thus make him feel calm and relaxed.

The rattle of the future, Sleeping Baby Play, is a music player that helps babies relax
It was made with all the affection in the world for a son and has become a business project,” says Juan Alarma. In September 2008 my son Saul was born. In spite of following normal guidelines and controlled care, he cried a lot, apparently for no reason and randomly. Trying to calm him down, we tried different types of tactics without much improvement in the situation.

The music therapist, after many hours of lost sleep and patience, found that the baby was falling asleep and calm in the kitchen “while I was doing my chores. Curiously, he relaxed and slept in the same stroller without the need to hold him in his arms. But when we were anywhere else in the house the crying came back.

Thus, Alarma discovered that the sounds of the kitchen: the extractor hood, the washing machine… were part of the key. I also observe that when his wife dried her hair, Saul fell asleep while the dryer was running.

“Then I began to investigate these sounds, the so-called white noise and their effects on babies. As I also had a small recording studio at home, I captured different sounds from the house with a professional recorder: the extractor hood, the washing machine, the hair dryer and the vacuum cleaner,” she says. With professional audio software I composed a song that contained all these sounds properly equalized, processed, and optimized at the same volume for 30 minutes at a time.


No more crying

Later, he transferred these “melodies” to a mobile phone to which he connected some small speakers to amplify the sound. “From there the crying ended, -affirms-. Whenever Saul listened to these compositions, he would relax, stop crying or fall asleep peacefully”.

After this discovery, the music therapist recorded several CDs that he gave to family and friends to test the effectiveness of the compositions. “I was modifying them, adding new audio tracks, new times, new sounds and new structures based on what I was discovering in new studies and tests and asked all parents and users to tell me their experiences,” he adds.

The general impression was “the surprise of the result and that effectively the babies relaxed and/or slept as they had not done before. In many cases even the parents fell asleep,” he says. The final conclusion was that it worked, but it was not portable.


An idea that germinates

In 2014, Jonathan Gutiérre z learned about Juan Alarma’s invention thanks to a close case where he was able to verify the real effects produced by these melodies. Gutiérrez decided to learn more about this initiative in order to “carry out more tests and verify results in his environment”. We patented the idea of the player, I registered the melodies -they have their corresponding copyright- and we designed a functional prototype with the University of Zaragoza“, he underlines.

After carrying out the business plan, they validated the viability of the project with several entities until completing a process that led them to win the 2016 edition of the Seedbed of Ideas, initiative created by the Zaragoza City Council whose objective is the generation of 12 emerging companies based on social initiative, culture, innovation, technology development, high potential for innovation and social impact.

The creators of this initiative, which has the collaboration of the Aragon Premature Association, its creators have manufactured 1,500 units that will go on sale in a package that includes the Sleeping Baby Play, “a simple, ergonomic player, which meets all safety measures (no wifi, electromagnetism, nor can be charged with current) and a ‘doudou‘ (blanket),” apostille.

In a first phase, it will be available through the website of Sleeping Baby Play; then will also be distributed in childcare channels, pharmacy and parapharmacy for a price of 79 euros.


SOURCE: Herald of Aragon