onidos orgánicos Sleeping Baby Play

In this post we want to deepen on the organic sounds that compose the Sleeping Baby Play .

We want to show you all the work that has been and is behind each sound and so you know its great effectiveness in comparison with other types of sounds or music to relax babies .

Sleeping Baby Play can not be compared with any other device that emits music to calm babies, because the organic sounds that compose it, is our added value and is what gives them so much effectiveness when it comes to soothing and relaxing the baby , helping him fall asleep in any situation.


The creation of Sleeping Baby Play

Sleeping Baby Play is based on the creativity, perception and musical sensitivity of the music therapists and producers of Wonder Elements S.L.

This project was born in 2008, by the hand of one of our founders, who had the need in his day to relax his baby, helping him to calm his continuous crying.

After several years dedicated to its improvement and tests of the reproducer, it was time to share it with the rest of the world and thus be able to help mothers and fathers with this so habitual and daily problem.



The high efficacy of Sleeping Baby Play, is based on hundreds of tests with babies , tests in hospitals, with midwives and lactation groups.

For 10 years, Sleeping Baby Play has been in continuous evolution, testing and feedback with users, businessmen, awards obtained, prototypes, tests in hospitals, etc

The creation of organic sounds, under our registers and invention, is to generate sounds that are not fixed and invariable, but that evolve in time, change tones, frequencies, rhythms, structures, equalizers , etc.

That are completely innovative and effective of what has been created to date in terms of sounds and melodies designed to calm babies.

These organic sounds recreate or emulate what babies hear from inside the womb and outside: Heart beating, breathing, fluids, blood circulating , etc

Also everyday sounds from their environment that they heard from the inside of their mother’s uterus. Noises of cars, domestic environment, melodies, cantinelas, tones of human voice

DAW’s, virtual plugins, samplers and multi-effects.

Current technology and our computer and musical knowledge allow us to create this type of sounds, melodies and music from computers and digital systems together with DAW’s, virtual plugins, samplers and multi-effects.

In addition, all organic melodies and sounds have our corresponding copyright.


What is it?

Funcionamiento Sleeping Baby Play

Sleeping Baby Play’s musical compositions help the baby relax, stop crying and falling asleep, masking other unnecessary and habitual sounds that affect the baby’s tranquility.

Your high percentage of effectiveness is recommended with a normal environment. If the baby is hungry, colicky, or any other demand, it requires another type of action from its parents, since at no time should it supply the attention and care of the parents.

In addition, it is not only designed to help the baby rest, but also to help all parents of newborn babies to adapt to extrauterine life, a stage that all babies have to face.