Baby gifts

Sleeping Baby Play is a practical choice as an original and innovative gift for a baby, a pregnant woman or a newborn. So if you are in this complicated situation of not knowing what to give to that friend, sister, co-worker, or sister-in-law, we have the solution to all your problems. A practical, original and innovative gift… What more do you want?

What can I give to a baby?

How many times have you asked yourself this question because you never knew the answer? I’m sure there are many, but don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

Since we want, as is logical, that our gift enchante, is original, fun and practical, and if it is beautiful even better.

To go out of the typical like a pacifier with its pacifier and the embroidered name of the baby, or the typical conjutto or bib, that come well, but it does not go out of the common thing.

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Sleeping Baby Play has it all. Originality , charm, and above all practical , which in the end is what you are always looking for, that mom and baby can use it and your gift is not left in the box of oblivion in the storeroom.

Why give SBP to a newborn?

Apart from being designed for many uses and situations, it is designed for children and babies, but especially for newborns. Because the melodies and sounds it reproduces are designed to remind the baby of its stay in the womb of the womb , relaxing and reassuring, thus helping them to adapt to extrauterine life.

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Since after 9 months inside the mother’s tummy, it is a very sudden change that they experience and thanks to the sounds and melodies of Sleeping Baby Play helps them to associate and remember those sounds they have been hearing for 9 months.

A gift for future parents

Why is it that when a baby is born we always focus on the newborn and never on the new dads?

It is a very important moment to have them also very present, because for them, it has also been a very drastic change, with many emotions, fears, insecurities and joy.

And what better than to be able to give them something new and practical that, apart from the fact that it is focused on babies, their parents can also benefit from it, since Sleeping Baby Play manages to soothe, reassure and relax babies helping them to sleep, and that fact is a privilege that parents will be able to take advantage of and benefit from. Avoiding situations of stress and lack of sleep .

Gifts for pregnant women

One of the possible things that most worry and worry pregnant women is the uncertainty to many questions and situations that, until the long-awaited and awaited baby arrives can not be resolved.

And the saying goes… “Prevention is better than cure ” it is better to have everything under control, just in case, in case you might need it at some point.

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Sleeping Baby Play is ideal for the future mom, is calm and relaxed thinking about whether your baby will sleep, or not sleep, how long the colic will last, etc … Since it is a reproducer thought and designed to calm and alleviate such situations, and, if you already have it in your closet, saved for when comes that dreaded moment of colic and sleepless nights, you will be relieved to know that you already have it in the closet.

The best and practical choice as an original and innovative gift .