Original and innovative Christmas gift for babies

We know that you, Mom, are the best gift and toy for your baby. But Christmas comes, and… How can you not put something under the tree for your baby, or for your pregnant friend or sister, or for that mother who has just given birth?

Then you’re in luck, because Sleeping Baby Play offers you the most practical, original and innovative gift for this Christmas, and… You can’t stay without it!!

Why give Sleeping Baby Play this Christmas?

Sleeping Baby Play encompasses the solution to a need that all babies have , and that many times we do not know how to solve… And it is help calm and calm their crying >, helping them fall asleep, masking other unnecessary noises that divert the baby’s attention.

Sleeping Baby Play, is a portable organic sound player , and compact that emits melodies and sounds designed to remind the newborn or baby, its stay in the womb of the womb.

It is portable and ergonomic . Its interface is easy and simple to operate for any user, and can be used even with one hand. In addition does not contain wifi, nor harmful emissions and does not generate any heat , in addition it does not contain any electrical connection, cable or charge orifice , since it works with batteries.

It also contains a Doudou, which offers babies an emotional support that gives them security when holding on to it. You will want to have it with you most of the time, forming part of your life as a soothing and relaxing , since you suck it, grab it, bite it, and caress it obtaining pleasure, calm and comfort.

The combination of the sounds of SBP , together with the aroma of the mother previously impregnated in Doudou , thanks to their soft and comfortable touch, create an ideal environment so that, through hearing, smell and touch, the baby feels protected and manages to relax and fall asleep.

Don’t let your baby lack sleep

navidades bebé no falte sueño

Sleep, for a baby, and more newborn is very important for his mental and physical health.

The first few days of adaptation to extrauterine life of any newborn, are difficult and complicated. They are nine months of comfort, warmth and safety inside the mother’s womb , and adaptation outside it, and the first days out of hospital can be long and difficult.

To help build a good sleep habit from birth , and thus contribute to a sleep routine to get a pleasant rest , it is important to follow a series of habits.

The sleeping Baby Play, is the best and practical choice to help get that habit and establish that routine of sleep at home , the first days, fresh out of hospital.

An infant’s rest is essential. That a baby sleeps well, means that it is a healthy baby , so helping them sleep well is very important. And sometimes, it is necessary an external help that complements the natural habits of home to create that ideal and pleasant routine of sleep for the baby.

What can I give this Christmas?

Give Christmas away

Do not think twice, and avoid giving away the typical pacifier, or rattle of noises, or the typical body that in a matter of days will be small.

At the time of gift something practical, and nice for a baby , or for their parents, the first thing to think about is their needs.

If what you are really looking for is originality, and that helps future or recent dads, this “Rattle of the future” is designed to help the parents of babies from newborns, and well into the first two years. And it is a practical choice when choosing an original and innovative gift.

Sleeping Baby Play is designed to help in different everyday situations, and for different uses . It has been tested in paediatric units of hospitals , where nowadays we work with the SBP in neonatal units of hospitals of Aragon , helping the professionals in their daily work, at the time of bathing the newborns or to make them tests.

The safety and effectiveness of Sleeping Baby Play is fully guaranteed to solve moments of crisis and crying, such as in the infant’s colic, bath time “that not all children like” when travelling by car with a baby , which is not easy either. Breastfeeding help getting an ideal environment of tranquility and concentration for it… Or even for implanting a sleep routine with babies bigger.

Gift for pregnant women

Sleeping Baby Play is the most original and innovative gift that you can also give to a pregnant , since they are full of questions, uncertainties and fears of whether your baby will sleep, or not sleep, if he will have many colics, etc …

And what a pregnant woman needs most is to have everything under control “just in case”. And for that “just in case” is the best gift you can get, because besides being useful, it is practical for many situations you can find, as well as giving that peace of mind of knowing you have it stored in the closet for “just in case”.

So don’t hesitate anymore! “The best and practical choice as an original and innovative gift for this Christmas”