In this new blog post we want to show you a new face, a new use, a new situation in which Sleeping Baby Play is being used, in a totally professional way.

Having reached the situation that can help so effectively when doing work with newborns, leaves no doubt that Sleeping Baby Play, wherever it goes, does its role, HELP OTHERS.

Whether helping babies relax and sleep, older children to establish a sleep routine, health professionals when working in the hospital with newborns, dads and moms, but also in this new case to an ambassador of our brand, a professional in her midst, a photographer specialized in newborn / newborn and pregnant photography, Carolina, from GrisMedio Photography.

The effect of the sbp

The great effectiveness of Sleeping Baby Play is based on hundreds of tests with babies, tests in hospitals, midwives and breastfeeding groups, as we have said on other occasions.

The sounds it generates are not fixed or invariable, but evolve over time, changing frequencies and tones, changing rhythms and structures as well as equalizations.

This makes it completely innovative and effective.

Therefore, the musical compositions of the Sleeping Baby Play help the baby to relax, stop crying and fall asleep, masking other totally unnecessary and habitual sounds of everyday life that affect the tranquility of the baby.

Newborn sessions

The newborn sessions are the most laborious and delicate in the world of photography. It is a long time, and very delicate, where also, knowing how to handle a baby of such a few days of life is something vital and fundamental.

For this reason it is very important that the newborn sessions are carried out by a qualified and specialized professional.

The newborn

These newborn photo shoots should be done around 10 days, preferably between the first 5 and 8 days of the newborn’s life. He is the one who sets the guidelines for the session at all times, his needs are first and foremost, and the main thing is his well-being constantly.

The environment

The environment for newborn sessions is another very important factor to consider. The atmosphere should be as warm, familiar and placid as possible, so that the baby is as relaxed and comfortable as at home, so it will be much easier to develop the session in the most comfortable way.

The temperature must be adequate for the baby, let’s not forget that he has just been born, he has spent 9 months in his mother’s gut, since the sessions are usually done naked at any time of the year, so how much warmer and more relaxed is it The atmosphere, the better.

Grismedio photography, Sleeping Baby Play ambassador in her newborn sessions

To achieve the best possible comfort for the newborn, and at the same time, the best proactivity in the newborn sessions, Carolina de GrisMedia Photography is accompanied in each of its Sleeping Baby Play sessions.

Carolina, found in the player the way to feel all more comfortable (baby and photographer) and thus be able to maintain a session in a warm and relaxed environment, and thanks to the Sleeping Baby Play manages to achieve it.

Sleeping baby play ambassador

There was no doubt, she was and is the best in her field of newborn photography, in the same city where the organ and heart of Sleeping Baby Play, Zaragoza.

We do not hesitate to present the product and show you the effectiveness it could achieve in the development of your newborn sessions.

He did not hesitate for a moment, since the organic sounds of the Sleeping Baby Play enveloped the climate and atmosphere of his studio, moving us to one of his sessions, surrounded by peace and tranquility, which is what she needs to elaborate well and in a way Professional your work.

This is how she became our ambassador for Sleeping Baby Play in the world of Newborn photography, where the same parents are stunned by the effectiveness of the player and the complicity with which small newborns, let Carol empathize with her and perform so the work so wonderful that it ends up being captured in each of his photographs.

Career path

There are people born with a gift, and she carries it in her blood. More than 15 years of experience endorse his professionalism in the world of photography, (and he started being very young at 17) and 10 years ago since thanks to the birth of his nephew, who photographed from the first day of his Birth, he wanted to specialize in this art of newborn photography.

And it was 4 years ago, when he finally finished mastering this delicate specialty completely, since the security and control that must be taken in these newborn / newborn sessions is something fundamental to be able to carry them out, What you have to know, how and where to hold the newborn, and how to place it so as not to harm or hurt him, safety is the most important, since we remember that they have days of life.

His photo studio

He saw his dream come true by finally setting up his own studio, dedicating his whole life, his day to day, his vacations and even his free time to newborn / newborn and infant photography, also covering Christmas, pregnancy and even smash cake sessions, in Zaragoza.

His studio is fully equipped and set to the smallest of the house. Assembling and preparing each of its sets, for each occasion.

The effectiveness they have in the sessions

The effectiveness he has had in his newborn sessions is really admirable, Carolina tells us. Sometimes she looked for white sounds that could relax newborns who seemed more restless or awake, and she tells us that since she used our organic sound player she wouldn’t change it for anything: “ From the first day I used it I have Having seen clearly how effective it is, the environment in the studio is much more relaxed, it doesn’t bother me at any time, it was the other fundamental part that I needed to find the perfect balance of relaxation and atmosphere, Now there is no baby who resists sleeping with the warmth of the study and the SBP, thank you for letting me be a participant in this great invention. ”