situaciones en las que utilizar el sleeping baby play

Previously we have already told you about organic sounds which includes the Sleeping Baby Play, what they are used for, and how it is better to use them. Now we want to tell you about situations in which to use Sleeping Baby Play with your baby ; sometimes parents are overwhelmed and do not know very well how to act.

We hope that with this you can make the most of the number of uses that the player has.

Since its main function is to soothe and relax babies, not only serves to sleep them; it also reassures them at other times of the day, as we will see below. The Sleeping Baby Play is useful:

TO Sleep

The greatest use, and by which Sleeping Baby Play was created. To help calm and relax the baby/child, calming their crying and helping them fall asleep…

Many children at not being able to fall asleep cry for impotence, and that makes them enter a phase of nervousness and stress that prevents even more that can get to sleep … (The whiting that bites its tail).

The reproducer, thanks to its organic sounds created and designed by specialized music therapists, help the baby or child to calm down, relax and be able to reconcile the sleep . But there are more situations in which to use Sleeping Baby Play.


A lot of kids in this case don’t like riding in the stroller at all. Especially when they are babies and have to go in the carrycot completely lying down looking only up.

There are many who do not support it, and thanks to the fact that Sleeping Baby Play does not need cables or power to connect , if not that it runs on batteries, you can take it anywhere, even for a walk.

It has a plastic case that you can hook directly to the cart, and carry it plugged in during the ride . This way the baby, while listening to the relaxing and calming sounds of Sleeping Baby Play, will be able to enjoy the walk, and so will you.

trolley ride


Mealtimes can become very uncomfortable and stressful if the child is not comfortable. There can be many factors that influence the distraction of food , such as television on, although on the contrary there will be many who concentrate precisely watching the drawings, but educational experts and psychologists do not recommend that babies / children eat with the television on.

To get a good attention deficit while eating, with the organic sounds of SBP you will be able to create at home a calm and ideal environment to eat . Your little one will relate the relaxing sounds with the fact that mealtime is not something overwhelming and bad at all, but a good moment.


Bath time is not easy, at any age. Few are the lucky ones who like to splash in the water.

But when they are smaller, newborns, they can feel uncomfortable because of the cold they can feel in the environment, especially in the jump from the water to the towel.

In these cases the best thing is, to raise a little more the heating, to try that the towel is as hot as possible, at the time of throwing the cremite in the body to rub the hands well to warm it a little, and in the background the sounds of the SBP, will make of that moment the best of the day

at bath time


How many times have you told your little one that the game time has to end and he doesn’t listen to you? You get desperate, even more so because you’re forbidding him to play, and you go into a loop that always ends badly…

In the last moments of play, if you connect the Sleeping Baby Play, it will cause in the environment tranquility and relaxation that the little one will associate as soon as he gets used… Avoiding this way that he gets excited for having to stop playing, since he will associate the relaxing sounds with the moment of calm that he will play in that moment.

It is a good way to go warning the child that the hour of play is ending and that it is necessary to move on to another task.


colic is a stage that usually occurs around the first few days of life and the duration of it usually remains for several days, depending on the baby, although there are some who neither notice it, nor suffer it, fortunately.

The colics , can be a few moments of pure desperation for babies, but also for their parents , since it is almost impossible to calm them with anything…

Its organic sounds, designed to calm and relax the baby, will help him to calm down and fall asleep.

The best ally for the whole family, the first few days at home.


This is one of the main situations in which to use Sleeping Baby Play. Breastfeeding, once you leave the hospital and go home, can be frightening and difficult. You look helpless, alone, and you just want and trust that everything will go well…

The most important for the establishment and continuity of breastfeeding once you are discharged from the hospital is to have, find and create a suitable environment, pleasant, relaxing and quiet at home, where nothing bothers you or your little one.

It is very important that at the same time you try to implement this routine at home, don’t have the television turned on with the sound high, don’t hear the neighbor’s dog barking, etc… Because then you won’t be helping or favoring the creation of that peaceful environment in your house for breastfeeding….

for lactation


Many little ones throughout the day usually go through a series of phases and situations that end up triggering tantrums , or because the game time is over, because you have to go to the bathroom, because you no longer want to have dinner, because you do not want to leave the park, etc …

In those moments the ideal thing, and that already have proved many mothers to try to calm them , is with the relaxing sounds of the Sleeping Baby Play .

They help to divert their attention to something else in order to distract them from the crying and oppression that they carry at that moment, thanks to the sounds that compose the SBP..

Another moment with which could calm and relax a stressful situation that the baby/child is going through..


There are times when peques may have a lot of insecurities , such as the time of dummy removal .

It is a very fragile moment in which the baby/child without the pacifier feels insecure, and this creates a moment of crying that can alleviate thanks to the Sleeping Baby Play.

One more help, in a more day-to-day situation.


Dressing a baby or child can sometimes be a stressful time because you don’t want to be bothered by changing their clothes. At this young age it is impossible to make them understand that you have to dress to go out into the street.

This situation can also soothe and alleviate the atmosphere thanks to the relaxing sounds of SBP.

Surely it can help you to harmonize this situation with the player.


Diaper changing is a situation in which very few children come to relax and be calm.

It is a moment that if in addition it takes poop, instead, pee and the small one does not stop still, it can stain or stain you and the situation can get completely out of control.

At the same time that you change the diaper, Sleeping Baby Play can make this moment easier and the baby is totally calm and relaxed with the organic sounds.


Another big problem of many parents, is the time of car journeys with the smallest.

Some people love it, and as soon as they start the car’s engine they fall asleep. But there are other kids who are totally reluctant to be mounted and attached to that chair and back into the car.

Innumerable mothers, have been able to prove its great effectiveness when using the Sleeping Baby Play in car journeys. As it is portable and ergonomic you can hang it from any side and take it with you anywhere .




for traveling


As you have seen, there are numerous situations in which to use the Sleeping Baby Play, at home and away from home. With it you will be able to manage and control stress situations both for your baby and for you, mom or dad.

Don’t think about it anymore! If you don’t have your Sleeping Baby Play yet, what are you waiting for? Buy it here.