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Melodies specially designed to help calm baby’s crying.

Sleeping music for babies

What is Sleeping Baby Play?

SBP Sleeping Baby Play® is a portable and compact player that emits melodies and organic sounds created and designed to remind the baby of its stay in the womb; furthermore, to relaxing and reassuring the baby.

This innovative device contains white noise and musical structures, which have been developed in a professional study by specialists during 10 years of work and research.

Organic sounds guarantee a high percentage of effectiveness in babies from 0 to 18 months; into the bargain, it is the only player tested and used in pediatric units of hospitals, midwives and lactation groups.

sbp tested in hospitals
sbp tested in hospitals

See how our audio player works!

Original gift for babies

The portable sound player Sleeping Baby Play® is an original baby gift that will become a great help for parents.

The white noise and the melodies emitted are designed by expert music therapists to calm the baby’s cry and relax it at different times of the day and night; for example at bedtime, bath time or while breastfeeding.


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About us

In 2017, WONDER ELEMENTS S.L. was born, a company that develops and markets SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY®, our portable baby sound player.

Clinically Tested

The only reproducer tested in paediatric units of hospitals, midwives and lactation groups . These organic sounds guarantee a high percentage of efficacy in most babies from 0 to 18 months .

Features Sleeping Baby Play

Sleeping Baby Play®, practical choice also as an original and innovative gift.


Sleeping Baby Play contains white noise and unique melodies developed in a professional study by specialists in order to relax and reassure the baby.

Modern rattle

Designed to help parents relax and sleep the baby. Masks unnecessary and habitual sounds that affect the tranquility of the newborn.

Portable and ergonomic

Its design allows it to be used comfortably with one hand. It can be attached to the cradle, the stroller or placed on flat surfaces.

Blog Sleeping Baby Play

Talks and Workshops Sleeping Baby Play

The Sleeping Baby Play team organizes group talks and workshops to show parents and professionals how to use our white noise player, answer questions, and we explain to them what it is and the advantages it offers to help calm, relax and put the baby to sleep.

We hold these events in hospitals, clinics, breastfeeding groups, for midwifery teams, in health centers and therapy centers, and pre-school and postpartum classes.

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