Official Presentation Sleeping Baby Play, winning project Semillero de Ideas 2016. After getting this award and after 2 years of business work, we present the final product that will be on the market for sale in January-February 2018.

What is Sleeping Baby Play?

Portable and compact music player that emits melodies and sounds designed to remind the baby of its stay in the womb of the womb, in addition to relax and reassure.

Contains white noise along with musical structures that have been developed in professional studio during several years of work and research; with their corresponding registers and copyrights.

these musical compositions help the baby to relax stop crying and fall asleep they mask other unnecessary habitua sounds that affects peace of mind

Now, the world cries less…


18:00h Welcome
18:10h Presentation and demonstration of the pack SBP
18:40h Trip to the mother’s womb. Special sound demonstration 5.1
19:00h Presentation of ESTELAR. Pilar Guallart.
19:20h Ecological childcare. Irena Sánchez.
19:30h Visit to product tables and projects.

Projects participating in the presentation:


This project seeks to humanize visually the environment of the pediatric ICU, focusing especially in the case of premature children, thus making the stay in the hospital a more pleasant experience for families and children who are admitted there.

Ecological childcare

Cloth diapers and ecological childcare material.

We offer natural and ecological products and promote a style of breeding called Crianza con Apego, based on closeness and continuous attention to the baby.


Association of premature babies of Aragon.

We are parents helping parents. Our children were also born too early and we know how hard the road is for our little fighters. That’s why we want to contribute our experiences, our support, and work together to improve those things that we believe can help these children.


Painted the waiting room for children’s ucis on the 2nd floor of the Children’s Hospital. Previously, he painted the doors of children’s consultations and dilation rooms. She sells products and garments painted by her by hand and collaborates with Estelar.

GAMBIA Project

Concha, travels in person to the maternity ward of Banjul, where he maintains permanent contact with the paediatrician and collects all types of hospital products and hygiene materials that babies need. Salam, Concha’s husband, is an artist and paints pictures, boxes, handbags….with all this he collaborates with his family’s population.

SOURCE:Zaragoza City Council