Welcome fathers and mothers to this new space that we have created in Sleeping Baby Play.

Because we are not only here to lend a hand with the portable sound player for relaxing, calming and helping your baby sleep. We want this to be a meeting point for all of you.

A place to get information about everything parents , and everything related to the world of baby and parents .

We want you to feel at home and to use this space for abstractions, to relax, to learn, to share your experiences and to help other fathers and mothers.

So welcome to the world of Sleeping Baby Play!

For those of you who don’t know us yet, Sleeping Baby Play was born 10 years ago, by the hand of one of our founders Juan Alarma, who had the need at the time to relax and calm his baby’s crying.

After several years of dedication and improvement of the player, it was time to share it with the rest of the world in order to help other parents with this same common problem.


Because we know that being parents is not easy

We know that parenting is not an easy task. That’s why we want to help you in the difficult moments of this chaotic, but wonderful stage.

Not everything is as nice and easy as they paint it. We know it! That’s why we believe that by contributing our grain of sand we can help many parents, as we have already done.

There are circumstances, moments, phases and stages that we often do not know how to approach, but everything is learned. And being parents is a skill that is learned and acquired with the passage of time.



Being a parent is probably one of the most important decisions you can make in your life. After overcoming the long wait of nine months of pregnancy , a difficult but exciting road begins, where fears and insecurities begin to emerge.

The feelings that run through your body are sometimes a little contradictory. You feel a lot of emotion and happiness, but also insecurity and constant worry.

You ask yourself endless questions like… Will we be good parents? Will we know how to do it well? How will we face this situation?

Calm down, you’re not alone. It happens to all parents. Ask yourself again and again if you know how to do it well and be up to it.

So don’t despair, all of us parents went through this, and we’ve all moved on. Everything is learned!!

One of the doubts and frequently asked questions that all mothers have is how often they should feed their children. And the answer that specialists usually give is: “the most important thing of all is that every time the baby asks for it, it is fed”.

So don’t worry, you only need a few days of adaptation and getting to know each other for the first 3 days and soon everything else will be acquired.


Parent information Information is power. That is why it is very important that parents are aware of a series of tips that will help the newborn grow strong and healthy.

Audience preparation classes It will help a lot to know the possible reactions of the baby when he is born and to know how to act in certain situations.

As the first few days go by, sufficient experience will be acquired and, little by little, parents are able to react to the different reactions the baby may have.

So reading, informing, and preparing during the 9 months of pregnancy is a pending task for all future fathers!!



Call for help, and let yourself be helped .

Helping new parents is very important. Also let yourself be helped, since the first days of adaptation can become chaotic until you get to know each other and adapt to your new environment and situation.

Help fathersFor that is the wisdom and experience of grandmothers and mothers, to help and advise you in times of greatest need.

You have to forget a little about household chores and delegate them to other people, so that mom and dad have enough time to dedicate to the newborn, as it will require all your attention and commitment.

But don’t worry that in this new space we’ve created at Sleeping Baby Play we’ll be going deeper and analyzing each topic we’ve talked about, and everything related to motherhood and the world of the baby.


Welcome to this spooky but exciting world of motherhood and fatherhood!

And thank each and every one of you for letting us into your lives, to try to help you in the most difficult, but surmountable, moments you may have in this first stage.