Our origins

How does Sleeping Baby Play come about?

The SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY® project, the reason why our portable baby sound player emerges, was born in 2008: it was then that one of our founders began to investigate how parents could help their baby calm and their crying by relaxing them.

The SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY® team is formed by music therapists, music producers, and professional musicians. After several years dedicated to the improvement and testing of our player, we knew that the time had come to share it with the rest of the world. So we can help parents with the same problem: how to calm and relax a baby when it needs it.

It was the winning project of the Ideas Seedbed 2016 of Zaragoza Active, the entrepreneurial school of the Zaragoza City Hall. Validated by the Aragon Invests Foundation.

Wonder Elements

In 2017, WONDER ELEMENTS S.L. was born, a company that develops and markets SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY®, our portable baby sound player.

We guarantee that this product has been treated with the utmost care before being part of your baby’s life, being the only one tested in hospitals.

We appreciate the trust placed in us and the efforts of all the people who have helped make SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY® an essential complement in the life of a newborn.