An electronic device that helps babies fall asleep and calm their cries has been chosen as the project with the greatest potential in the 4th edition of Semillero Day, from the Semillero de Ideas de Zaragoza Activa.

This day is the culmination of the formative process of the Seedbed of Ideas, the public school of entrepreneurs that the city council promotes through Zaragoza Activa.

The winning device, called “Sleeping Baby Play” and devised by the music therapist Juan Alarma and Jonatan Gutiérrez, is a portable and easy to use player that contains melodies reminiscent of the sound perceived in the womb.


The jury has highlighted the degree of development of the proposal, with a business model already created and ready to go to market, and the award goes hand in hand with a free stay in the business incubator of Zaragoza Activa for six months, informed the City Council of Zaragoza in a press release.

This year, the Semillero Day has had the participation of 14 projects, all entrepreneurs who have been part of the sixth edition of the Semillero de Ideas.

The mayor of Zaragoza, Pedro Santisteve, opened the day this morning, where he congratulated the members who have participated in this initiative of Zaragoza Activa, a municipal resource that has described as “a great access ramp to democratize entrepreneurship and innovation, which also inoculates social values and a collaborative spirit to business.

“The government I represent wants to count on all the social realities and situations that inhabit our city,” he said, adding that they believe “in a model of city that leaves no one behind” but that “never stops looking towards the future.

Santisteve has also stressed that to look to the future you need “all possible glances, the best minds and the best ideas”.

SOURCE:El Periódico de Aragón