sleeping baby play calmar el llano del bebe


sleeping baby play calmar el llano del bebe



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In 2017, WONDER ELEMENTS, S.L, the company that developed SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY®, was founded. This project initially came into being in 2008 when one of the founders was looking for a way to get his baby to relax and soothe his crying.

After several years of dedication, perfecting and testing our audio player, we knew that the time had come to share it with the rest of the world and furthermore help other parents who were suffering from the same commonplace problem.
The team at SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY® is made up of music therapists, music producers and professional musicians.

We guarantee that our product is handled with the utmost care before becoming a part of your baby’s life.
We are endlessly grateful for the trust placed in us, in addition to all the people who have helped SBP SLEEPING BABY PLAY®become an essential part of a newborn baby’s life.

A practical choice for an original and innovative gift

SBP Sleeping Baby Play® is a portable and compact audio player that emits melodies and sounds created and designed to remind your baby of his or her time in the womb, in addition to having a relaxing and reassuring effect.

The combination of the SBP Sleeping Baby Play® sounds, along with a Doudou baby toy, that has a soft touch and mommy and daddy’s scent, work together to create an ideal environment where the sensations of hearing, smell and touch, help your baby feel safe and calm.

6 Melodies

Our audio player contains white noise and other musical compositions developed in a professional studio during an eight-year period of extensive work and research by the sound and music therapy specialists at SBP.

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Modern Rattle

Our musical compositions help your baby stop crying and calmly fall asleep. Our audio tracks mask any unnecessary environmental noises that can affect your newborn’s tranquillity. Designed to help parents.



Portable and Ergonomic

The interface is simple to use and operate with one hand. Ideal for adding to your travel bag. Totally portable, it can be attached to the cradle, stroller or placed on any flat surface.


White Noise

White noise in different frequencies and modulations. Masks other environmental sounds that can disturb your baby. This melody, created to address a true need, was part of the pilot version of this project and has been continuously re-composed and tested since 2008. (Remastered version).

Pano Bubbles

Babies can get overexcited by listening to the sound of their own crying. The Pano Bubbles composition helps to distract your baby’s attention almost immediately, helping them to stop crying and relax.

Mommy and Daddy

Sound emulation of how your baby hears exterior sounds from inside the womb. From this perspective, your baby listens to your voices in different tunings and frequencies since they are immersed in fluid.


Composition based on one of the most relaxing sounds to the human ear. Tested on people of all ages, but especially on babies.

In the Womb

Virtual recreation of the sounds that a baby hears and perceives inside the womb, such as his or her heart, blood circulation, breathing, fluids, etc. These sounds are what compose your baby’s natural “music”, which is why they have such a relaxing and comforting effect.


Musical composition designed for the relaxation of both baby and mommy and daddy. This lullaby is composed of frequencies and sounds that create a calm and serene environment.

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